Jangir Agha

Jangir Agha (or Jahangir Agha, Cangîr Axa, Armenian: Ջահանգիր Աղա; Russian: Джаангир Ага) (c. 1874–1943) is a prominent military and social figure of Armenia in the early 20th century and a national hero of the Yazidi people.[1]

Jangir Agha with his family

He was born in Chubuhly village of Van province of Western Armenia (currently included in Turkey). A number of songs are written about Jangir Agha by the Yazidis.[2]

During the Armenian-Turkish battles in 1918 he greatly helped in the Armenian victory over the Turks and Kurds in the village Molabalzet.[3]

Jangir Agha participated in the Battle of Bash-Aparan with his Yazidi battalion of three hundred horsemen against the Turkish Army, which had invaded Armenia. He also joined Armenians during anti-Bolshevik revolts of February 18, 1921 and participated in battles for Yerevan.[4]

In 1938 he was repressed by the Stalin regime and sent to Saratov prison, where he died. In 1959, Agha was rehabilitated posthumously.

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