James D. Parriott

James D. Parriott (born (1950-11-14)November 14, 1950, in Denver, Colorado) is an American writer, director, and producer, with his own self named production company.


He created the series: Voyagers!, Misfits of Science, Forever Knight, Educating Matt Waters, The American Embassy and Defying Gravity.


In addition to numerous awards won by series he has created or produced, Parriott himself has been nominated for a number of awards, and has won three; the Writers Guild of America TV Award (2006 & 2007), and the Producers Guild of America Television Producer of the Year Award in Episodic series (2007).



Film Writer Director Executive
Heart Condition (1990)    
Rag and Bone (1997)      
Good (1998)  


Television Creator Writer Director Producer Supervising producer Executive producer Coexecutive producer Show runner Special Thanks
The Six Million Dollar Man (1975)  
The Invisible Man (1975–1976)  
Gemini Man (1976)  
The Bionic Woman (1976–1978)    
The American Girls (1978)    
The Incredible Hulk (1977–1978)        
The Legend of the Golden Gun (1979)    
From Here to Eternity (1980)  
Nick and the Dobermans (1980)    
Alex and the Doberman Gang (1980)    
The Seal (1981)    
Fitz and Bones (1981)  
Voyagers! (1982–1983)      
Hawaiian Heat (1984)  
Voyager from the Unknown (1985)        
Misfits of Science (1985–1986)      
Island Sons (1987)    
Nick Knight (1989)    
Forever Knight (1992–1996)    
Staying Afloat (1993)  
Bodyguards (1995 pilot)      
The Invaders (1995)  
Educating Matt Waters (1996)    
Dark Skies (1996–1997)    
Rag and Bone (1998 pilot)    
Action (1999)  
Tucker (2001)  
Push, Nevada (2002)    
The American Embassy (2002)      
The Partners (2003)  
Threat Matrix (2003)    
Grey's Anatomy (2005–2006)      
Ugly Betty (2006–2007)    
Defying Gravity (2009)  
Covert Affairs (2010)  

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