James Blakedon

James Blakedon O.P., D.Th. (died 1464) was a medieval prelate who served as Bishop of Achonry from 1442 to 1453, then Bishop of Bangor from 1453 to 1464.

A Dominican friar and Doctor of Theology,[1] he was born in Blakedon (or Blackdon) in Somerset, England.[2] He was appointed Bishop of Achonry in Ireland by the Holy See on 15 October 1442,[3] although it is not known if he ever made a visitation to that diocese. He did act as a suffragan bishop in the English dioceses of Salisbury, Bath & Wells, Exeter, and Worcester between 1442 and 1453.[3] He was translated to the bishopric of Bangor in Wales on 7 February 1453.[4] Around that time he also became Master of St Catherine's Hospital at Bedminster, Bristol.[2] He held those two last appointments until his death, sometime before 3 October 1464.[4]


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