Jam of Lasbela

Jam of Lasbela (Urdu: جامِ لسبیلہ or والئ ریاست لسبیلہ) was the princely title of Las Bela State in Balochistan of Pakistan.[1]

Las Bela State was a princely state in a subsidiary alliance with British Raj (later a princely state of Pakistan) which existed until 1955. The state occupied an area of 18,254 km2 (7,048 sq mi) in the extreme southeast of the Balochistan region, with an extensive coastline on the Arabian Sea to the south. Las Bela was bordered by the princely states of Kalat and Makran to the north and west. To the east lay the province of Sind and to the southeast lay the Federal Capital Territory around the city of Karachi.

The State of Las Bela was founded in 1742 by Ali Khan Korejo I. Ali Khan was a Korejo from Samma Tribe who established the state of Las Bela. His descendants ruled Las Bela until 1955 when the state became part of West Pakistan. For a period of three years between 3 October 1952 and 14 October 1955, Las Bela was part of the Baluchistan States Union but retained internal autonomy. In 1955, Las Bela was incorporated into the new province of West Pakistan and became part of Kalat division. In 1962, the area of Las Bela was detached from Kalat division and merged with the former Federal Capital Territory to form the division of Karachi-Bela. When the provincial system was changed in 1970, Las Bela became part of the new province of Balochistan.

Jams of LasbelaEdit


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