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Jadu (/ˈɑːd/ JAH-doo; Arabic: جادو‎), in other languages also: Giado (Italian) and Gado, is a mountain town in western Libya, in the Jabal al Gharbi District and the Nafusa Mountains. Jadu was the site of an Italian concentration camp during the Second World War.[2] In 1942, about 2,000 Jews [3] and other people, who were considered undesirables, were rounded up throughout Libya and sent to the Jadu camp.[4] 564 died from typhus and other privations.[5] The camp was liberated by the British Army in January 1943.


Mosque in Jadu
Mosque in Jadu
Jadu is located in Libya
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 31°57′N 12°01′E / 31.950°N 12.017°E / 31.950; 12.017
Country Libya
DistrictJabal al Gharbi
Elevation2,230 ft (680 m)
 • Total6,013
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)

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Coordinates: 31°57′N 12°01′E / 31.950°N 12.017°E / 31.950; 12.017