Jacut was a 5th-century Cornish Saint who worked in Brittany. He is commemorated liturgically on 6 February.[1]

His father was Fragan, a prince of Dumnonia, and his mother Gwen Teirbron.[2] The young family had fled to Brittany to avoid the plague raging in Cornwall at that time, and so grew up in Ploufragan near Saint-Brieuc with his brothers, Winwaloe and Wethenoc and a sister, Creirwy. He was educated by Budoc of Dol on the Île Lavret near Paimpol,[3][4] and as an adult he founded churches in Brittany.

Today he is memorialised in the towns of Saint-Jacut-les-Pins, Saint-Jacut-du-Mené, Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer and the Abbey of Saint-Jacut in that town.



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