Jacques Denis Antoine

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Jacques Denis Antoine (6 August 1733, Paris - 24 August 1801) was a French architect. His masterwork is the Hôtel des Monnaies in Paris, which gained him entrance to the Académie royale d'architecture in 1776. He is also known for his work for privat castle, like the Château of Buisson de May, in Normandy made from 1781 to 1783 just before the french revolution. His favourite style was the neoclassic architecture.

Château du Buisson de May in Upper Normandy


Jacques Denis Antoine was born the son of a carpenter in Paris on 6 August 1733. He studied with an architect and began his career as a mason. By the time Jacques Denis Antoine reached 20 years of age he had become a contractor. He did not have any formal education as a child or in his adult life. He became an architect during the Louis Seize period. He mainly worked on large scale structures.

He died on 24 August 1801 in Paris.


  • 1760 Castle of Verneuil-sur-Indre
  • 1766 Hotel des Monnales
  • 1771 Partial reconstruction of Hotel Maillebois
  • 1771-1775 Mint, qual Conti, Paris
  • 1772 Castle of Herces, Bercheres-sur-Vesgre, Eure-et-Loir. Build for Charles Robert Boutin, superintendent of finances.
  • 1772 Castle Marville-les-Bois 3, to Louis-Gaspard d'Orfeuil Rusty.
  • 1775-1777 Jaucourt Hotel
  • 1776 restoration of the Palace of Justice in Paris due to a fire.
  • 1781 Château du Buisson de May in Saint-Aquilin-de-Pacy
  • 1785 Chapel of the Visitation, Nancy
  • 1789 Mint, Berne in Switzerland
  • Common Castle Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, Essonne, for Benign Louis François Berthier de Sauvigny
  • Chateau Haut Rosay Rosay. Factories of the park for Jacques-Louis Brétignières.
  • Castle Mussy-Eveque, near Langres, for the Bishop César Guillaume de La Luzerne.
  • Charity Hospital, rue des Saints-Peres, Paris. It has now been destroyed.
  • Hospice de La Rochefoucauld
  • Investment properties. Built for the convent of Feuillants.
  • City Hall of Cambrai
  • Stairs of the Palace of Alba