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JURIES (advocacy campaign)

JURIES (Jurors Understanding Rape Is Essential Standard) is a campaign group cofounded in September 2014 by Jill Saward and Alison Boydell.[1][2] It seeks to make it mandatory for jurors in sexual abuse and rape trials to be informed about "the myths, stereotypes and realities" concerning those issues.[3]

Formation September 2014
Founders Jill Saward, Alison Boydell
Type Advocacy group
Purpose Mandatory briefings for jurors in sexual abuse and rape trials
Slogan "Jurors Understanding Rape Is Essential Standard"

Explaining the goal of the campaign, Saward wrote: "We envisage this being done by a DVD that is played in open court that addresses some of the most common myths. Many victims are not getting justice because jurors believe incorrect information that is prejudicial to their thinking, before any evidence is heard. Currently rape myths can be addressed, but only after the evidence is heard. This is too late."[4]

In January 2015, Saward debated the campaign's goals with Helen Reece, Professor in Law at the London School of Economics, on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.[5]


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