Izmaylova's House

Izmaylova's House (also Izmaylovs' House or Timofeevs' House) is a building of the historical significance in Pushkin, Saint Petersburg. It was built in the period of 1836-1839. Nowadays it is an object of cultural heritage.[1][2] The building is located on 27 Oranzherejnaya Street. It faces Sobornaya Square.

Izmaylova's House, Pushkin
Дом Измайловой
Оранжерейная ул., 27.jpg
General information
Architectural styleClassicism
Address27 Oranzherejnaya Street
Coordinates59°43′12″N 30°24′34″E / 59.720042°N 30.409496°E / 59.720042; 30.409496Coordinates: 59°43′12″N 30°24′34″E / 59.720042°N 30.409496°E / 59.720042; 30.409496
Construction started1836
Design and construction
Architect(s)S. Cherfolio


According to the general project the eastern side of the Sobornaya Square was intended to government agencies. But wasn't developed for a long time. In 1835 this part of the land were allocated for the construction of private residential buildings. The projects of all five houses were designed by Sebastian Cherfolio, the architect. The complex of buildings formed a single ensemble. The parcel of land No. 288a was determined to Izmailova's house, the titular counsellor. Later the owner of the house became P. P. Izmailov, the collegiate assessor, then the Timofeevs lived there. In 1914 Leonov's store of colonial produce was located in the building. In the 21st century the city's prosecutor's office functioned on the second floor.[3][4]


The house has the elements of late classicism. The house appearance is symmetrically similar to Emelianov's house. The center of composition of both houses is a double arch, harmonizing with the arches of the Catherine's Cathedral. Later the same arches was reproduced on the Gostiny Dvor's facade. The facades are crowned with wide building gables. They are decorated with a relief depicting a wreath and a lyre, which was only partially preserved. The metal brackets for lamps didn't preserve.[3][4]


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