Izmail Oblast

Izmail Oblast (Ukrainian: Ізмаїльська область, romanizedIzmailska oblast) (7 August 1940 — 15 February 1954) was an oblast in the Ukrainian SSR, roughly corresponding to the historical region of Budjak. It had a territory of 12,400 km2 (4,800 sq mi).

Izmail Oblast
Ізмаїльська область
Oblast of the Ukrainian SSR
Ukraine 1946-1954.png
Map of the Ukrainian SSR oblasts during 1946–1954.
 • Coordinates45°21′N 28°52′E / 45.350°N 28.867°E / 45.350; 28.867Coordinates: 45°21′N 28°52′E / 45.350°N 28.867°E / 45.350; 28.867
• 1954
12,400 km2 (4,800 sq mi)
• Established as Akkerman Oblast
7 August 1940
• Capital moved and oblast
1 December 1940
• Merged into Odessa Oblast
15 February 1954
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Romania
Odessa Oblast
a. The oblast's capital was Akkerman before it was moved to Izmail on 1 December 1940.
Izmail Oblast (left pink), 1947

The oblast was organized on 7 August 1940 on the territory, known as Budjak or southern Bessarabia, occupied by the Soviet Union from Romania. It was originally known as Akkerman Oblast (Ukrainian: Акерманська область, romanizedAkermans’ka oblast’) until 1 December 1940, i.e. before the oblast center was moved from Akkerman to Izmail. The oblast was administratively subdivided into 13 raions. On 15 February 1954, the oblast was liquidated, and its territory was included in Odessa Oblast. The current area is now divided into two municipalities (Izmail and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi) and nine raions; these cover 13,188 km2 (5,092 sq mi) and in 2015 had a combined population of 592,842.

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