Iwate Menkoi Television

Iwate Menkoi Television Co., Ltd. (岩手めんこいテレビ株式会社, Iwate Menkoi Terebi Kabushikigaisha, mit) is a TV station affiliated with Fuji News Network (FNN) and Fuji Network System (FNS) in Morioka, Iwate.

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Morioka, Iwate Prefecture
ChannelsDigital: 20 (UHF)
Virtual: 8
AffiliationsFuji News Network
OwnerIwate Menkoi Television Co.,Ltd.
First air dateApril 1, 1991
Former channel number(s)Analog:
33 (UHF, 1991–2012)
Iwate Menkoi Television Co.,Ltd.
Business corporation
IndustryTelevision network
FoundedApril 1, 1991
HeadquartersMorioka, Iwate, Japan
Websitewww.menkoi-tv.co.jp/ Edit this on Wikidata
Iwate Menkoi TV HQ in Morioka

The station functions as a default FNN affiliate for neighboring Aomori Prefecture, which does not have a Fuji Television-affiliated station of its own.


JOYH-DTV began broadcasting on 1 April 1991 as JOYH-TV (channel 33), becoming the first dedicated affiliate of FNN (Fuji Television) in the northeastern portion of Tōhoku (the license had been awarded back in December 1989, but the station's construction began in the spring of 1990). Prior to the station's signon, JODF-TV carried FNN as a secondary affiliation, while some cable providers in Iwate Prefecture carried JOOX-TV, which was receivable over the air in the prefecture's extreme southern reaches.

Digital broadcasting began on 1 July 2006, and was expected to continue until July 2011. The 11 March 2011 earthquake resulted in the postponement of the shutdown date for all analog television signals in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures. The station finally shut down its analog television service on 31 March 2012.

TV channelsEdit

Digital TelevisionEdit

  • Morioka 20ch JOYH-DTV 1 kW


  • Ninohe 50ch 100W
  • Ichinoseki 29ch 25W
  • Yachiyama 34ch 2W
  • Tōno 19ch 20W
  • Ōtsuchi-shinyama 47ch 2W
  • Murone 29ch 3W
  • Kamaishi 16ch 30W
  • Miyako 16ch 20W
  • Ōfunato 16ch 10W
  • Kuji 46ch 3W
  • Nishine-Matsuo 34ch 2W
  • Ōtsushi 16ch 1W
  • Noda 46ch 1W


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