Ivane II Jaqeli (Georgian: ივანე II ჯაყელი) (1370 – 1444) was a Georgian prince (mtavari) and longest-reigning Atabeg of Samtskhe from 1391 to 1444. His father was Beka II, the great-grandson of Beka I Jaqeli. In 1395, after Aghbugha I's death Ivane took an absolute power. Ivane was an energetic ruler. In 1390s he was fighting against Tamerlane to defend Meskhetian lands, but in 1400 economically weakened Ivane surrendered to the Turco-Mongolian forces. In early 1410s Ivane created separatist factions against Bagrationi dynasty. He wanted to gain independence for the Meskhetian church, but faced opposition of Georgian clergy.[1] In 1414 King Alexander I had defeated Ivane II at the battle of Aspindza. Atabeg was captured by royal servants. By the order of King he committed the oath of allegiance and returned to his throne. In his last years elderly Ivane had left most of the powers of Principality in the hands of his two sons, Aghbugha and Qvarqvare.

Ivane II Jaqeli
Atabeg of Samtskhe
PredecessorBeka II
Aghbugha I
SuccessorAghbugha II
IssueAghbugha II Jaqeli
Qvarqvare II Jaqeli
FatherBeka II Jaqeli
ReligionOrthodox Christianity

References edit

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Ivane II Jaqeli
Preceded by Prince of Meskheti
Succeeded by