Ivan Avanethan

Ivan Avanethan (transl. That is him) is a 1960 Indian Tamil-language film directed by P. Sridhar. The film stars Udhayakumar and Ambika.[1]

Ivan Avanethan
Ivan Avanethan.jpg
Directed byP. Sridhar
Screenplay byKalaipithan
Story byRashmi
Produced byT. G. Raj
CinematographyT. V. Balu
Edited byG. Venkataraman
Music byM. Ranga Rao
T. G. R. Pictures
Release date
  • 25 March 1960 (1960-03-25)


Muthu is an uneducated village lad. He is in love with his aunt's daughter Malini. Malini has no father and was brought up by her mother. But she is wealthy and well educated. She hates Muthu. Sundar is a playboy type of person. He is married to Lakshmi. He also has a lover, Prema. Sundar eyes Malini's beauty and wealth. He entices her to become a stage actress. Sundar is waiting for an opportunity to get her and her wealth into his fold. Muthu is an obstacle for his plans. There is a psychiatrist called Dr. Gunabhushanam. Muthu, Malini, Sundar, Lakshmi, and Prema all go to his clinic for treatment. He studies each case and understands the situation. How he cured everyone and solve all problems forms the rest of the story.[2]


The following lists are adapted from Film News Anandan's database.[1]


The Music was composed by M. Ranga Rao while the lyrics were penned by Thanjai N. Ramaiah Dass, M. S. Subramaniam, Kalaipithan, Villiputhan and Kovai Sabapathy.[2][3]

No. Song Singer/s Lyricist Duration (m:ss)
1 "Devi Jagan Matha" P. B. Srinivas & P. Leela Thanjai Ramaiah Dass
2 "Kanne Adi Penne" Thiruchi Loganathan M. S. Subramaniam
3 "Edhu Nijam Edhu Poi" S. C. Krishnan & M. S. Rajeswari
4 "Penn Endral Paeyum Manam" Seerkazhi Govindarajan
5 "Happy Jolly Good Day" S. Janaki
6 "Sembattu Veytti Katti" S. C. Krishnan Kalaipithan
7 "Vaazhkaiyin Paadam" Thiruchi Loganathan & S. Janaki Villiputhan 03:25
8 "Inba Ellai Kaanum Neram" P. B. Srinivas & S. Janaki 03:19
9 "Maamuniye Maathavame" S. Janaki Kovai Sabapathy


Ivan Avanethan was a box office success, but no print of it is known to survive, making it a lost film.[4]


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