Itagüí station

Itagüí is a station on line A of the Medellín Metro going south.[1] It is named after the city where it is located, Itagüí. The station was opened on 30 September 1996 as the terminus of the extension of the line from Poblado. On 17 September 2012, the line was extended to La Estrella.[2]


Estación Itagüí
Metro de Medellin-Estacion Itagui.JPG
Preceding station   Medellín Metro   Following station
toward Niquía
Line A
toward La Estrella

In 2012, the second expansion of line A took place. Before the second expansion of the Medellín Metro, this was a terminal station for line A.


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Coordinates: 6°09′46″N 75°36′24″W / 6.1629°N 75.6067°W / 6.1629; -75.6067