Envigado station

Envigado is the 18th station on line A of the Medellín Metro going south.[1] It is named after the city where it is located, Envigado. The station was opened on 30 September 1996 as part of the extension of the line from Poblado to Itagüí.[2]


Estación Envigado
Estación Envigado (Metro de Medellín).jpg
Estación Envigado (Metro de Medellín)
Coordinates6°10′29″N 75°35′49″W / 6.17472°N 75.59694°W / 6.17472; -75.59694Coordinates: 6°10′29″N 75°35′49″W / 6.17472°N 75.59694°W / 6.17472; -75.59694
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toward Niquía
Line A
toward La Estrella


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