It's a Great Life (1943 film)

It's a Great Life is a 1943 black-and-white film and is the 13th of the 28 Blondie films. It is one of only two movies in the series that did not feature "Blondie" in the title (the other, Footlight Glamour, was released later the same year).[citation needed]

It's a Great Life
Directed byFrank R. Strayer[1]
Screenplay byConnie Lee
Karen DeWolf[2]
Based onIt's a Great Life by Chic Young
Produced byFrank R. Strayer
StarringPenny Singleton
Arthur Lake
Larry Simms
CinematographyL. William O'Connell[2]
Edited byAl Clark
Music byM. W. Stoloff
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
  • May 27, 1943 (1943-05-27)[1]
Running time
68 minutes
CountryUnited States



At home, Dagwood Bumstead mishears his boss, Mr. Dithers, giving him an order on the phone. He is to negotiate a price to buy a certain house from its owner (who also has a horse for sale). With the bedlam in the house, Mr. Dithers has to raise his voice to be heard. Dagwood only clearly hears the end of the call when Dithers states he is "getting a little hoarse." Dagwood aims to please his boss.

At the seller's, he overhears the seller on the phone about to accept an offer. Dagwood thinks it's about the horse, and buys Reggie.

The seller will not take Reggie back. Complications ensue when Dagwood tries to sell him. (The horse is rather intelligent; he and the Bumsteads have also grown fond of each other.)




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