Connie Lee (born 1918) was an American screenwriter and songwriter known for her work on the Blondie films, as well as a number of B-Westerns (one of few women working in the genre at the time).[1][2]

Connie Lee
Born1918 (1918)
Other namesConstance Lee,
Connie Lee Bennett
Occupation(s)Screenwriter, songwriter
Years active1936–1953
SpouseSeymour Bennett



Lee came out of the Tin Pan Alley school of songwriting, and was given a contract by Ambassador Pictures to write songs for a few of its films.[3] By the time she was 19, she began writing screenplays; her first feature, Swing It, Professor, was released in 1937. She often collaborated on scripts with Karen DeWolf: As a duo, the two penned Nine Girls and many of the Blondie titles.

Lee married screenwriter Seymour Bennett (born Seymour Berkowitz) at some point in the early 1950s; the pair collaborated on the story for 1953's The Last Posse.

In 1953, Lee's and Bennett's careers came to an end when they were named by fellow screenwriter David Lang[4][5][6] (30 November 1913 — 11 May 2007).[7] and were placed on the Hollywood blacklist for alleged Communist ties.[8][9]

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