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Isyana stylized as Sri Isyana Tunggawijaya was a queen regnant of Medang Kingdom, in East Java, that ruled since 947 CE. She co-reigned with her spouse, Sri Lokapala.[1] The Isyana dynasty, established by her father, Mpu Sindok that ruled Java circa the 10th century CE, was named after her.[2]


Sri Isyana Tunggawijaya was the daughter of Mpu Sindok, a Javanese king that moved the capital of Medang Kingdom from central Java to east Java.[1] Nothing much is known from her reign, except that her husband was Sri Lokapala, a nobleman from neighboring Bali island.

Inscription dated from Sri Isyana-Sri Lokapala reign is Gedangan inscription dated 950, mentioned about a royal award of Bungur Lor and Asana villages for Buddhist sangha (priest community) in Bodhinimba. According to Pucangan inscription, the successor of royal couple Isyana-Lokapala was their son, Sri Makutawangsa Wardhana.


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Preceded by
Mpu Sindok
Monarch of Medang Kingdom
947 – 985?
Succeeded by
Makutawangsa Wardhana