Ispahdost (Persian: اسپهدوست) or Isfahdust (Arabic: اسفهدوست), was a Daylamite military officer who served the Buyid dynasty. He first appears as an officer of the Buyid ruler Mu'izz al-Dawla during his conquest of Abbasid Iraq in 945. Furthermore, Ispahdost is later mentioned as the brother-in-law of Mu'izz al-Dawla, and one year later, participated in the defense of Baghdad against the Hamdanids. In 948, Ispahdost, along with the Abbasid caliph al-Muti, planned a plot against Mu'izz al-Dawla, which, however, Mu'izz al-Dawla became informed of, and had Ispahdost imprisoned, who soon died.


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