Islam-aga's Mosque

Islam-aga's Mosque (Serbian: Ислам-агина џамија) is the only working mosque in Niš, Serbia. There is another in Niš Fortress which is converted into a gallery, and another close to the University Rectorate, that was damaged during the Anglo-American bombing of the city in 1944.

Islam-aga's Mosque
Serbian: Ислам-агина џамија/ Islam-agina džamija
Islam-agina džamija, Niš, Srbija, 14.JPG
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusMosque
LocationNiš, Serbia
Geographic coordinates43°19′14″N 21°53′35″E / 43.320456°N 21.893153°E / 43.320456; 21.893153
TypeIslamic Mosque

It was built in 1720 and reconstructed in 1870. Of the twenty mosques in Niš during Ottoman rule, it is the only one that remains in use. It was torched during riots on 17 March 2004, and reconstructed in its original shape in August 2013.

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