Isidore (/ˈɪzɪdɔːr/ IZ-id-or; also spelled Isador, Isadore and Isidor) is an English and French masculine given name. The name is derived from the Greek name Isídor - Isídōros (Ἰσίδωρος) and can literally be translated to "gift of Isis." The name has survived in various forms throughout the centuries. Although it has never been a common name, it has historically been popular due to its association with Catholic figures and among the Jewish diaspora. Isidora is the feminine form of the name.

Isidor von Sevilla.jpeg
Isidore of Seville
PronunciationEnglish: /ˈɪzɪdɔːr/
French: [izidɔʁ]
Word/nameEnglish and French, from Greek
Meaning"gift of Isis"
Other names
Nickname(s)Dore, Dori, Dory, Issy, Itchik, Izzy, Sid, Siddy
Related namesIsadore, Isador, Isidoro, Esidoro, Isidro, Ysidro, Isidor

Pre-modern eraEdit

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Religious figuresEdit


  • Isidore of Charax (fl. 1st century), Greek geographer
  • Isidore of Alexandria (died c. 520), Greco-Egyptian philosopher
  • Isidore of Miletus, Greek architect who co-designed the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople from 532 to 537
  • Isidore (inventor), according to legend the Russian Orthodox monk erroneously credited with producing the first genuine recipe of Russian vodka c. 1430

Modern worldEdit

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