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Isidore II Xanthopoulos (Greek: Ισίδωρος Β΄ Ξανθόπουλος), (? – 31 March 1462) was Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 1456 to 1462.

Isidore II of Constantinople
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
ChurchChurch of Constantinople
In officeJanuary 1456 – 31 March 1462
PredecessorGennadius Scholarius
SuccessorJoasaph I[1]
Personal details
Died31 March 1462


Little is known about the life and the patriarchate of Isidore. His surname derives from the Xanthopoulon monastery in Istanbul which he entered, becoming a hieromonk and later rising to be its abbot.[2] Isidore worked alongside Gennadius Scholarius during the Council of Florence[3] and was one of the signatories of a 1445 document against the East-West Union of Churches.[4] In this period Isidore was deemed as the spiritual father of the Greek community in Istanbul.[3] Immediately prior to his election, he was serving as the Metropolitan bishop of Heraclea.[5]

After the resignation of Gennadius Scholarius as Patriarch in mid-January 1456, Isidore was elected to succeed him. He obtained the confirmation from Sultan Mehmed II and he was consecrated bishop in the Pammakaristos Church.[6]

His reign lasted up to his death on 31 March 1462,[2] and he was succeeded by Joasaph I.[1]


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