Isabella of France, Queen of Navarre

Isabella of France (2 March 1241 – 17 April 1271) was a daughter of Louis IX of France and Margaret of Provence.[1] She was married to Theobald II of Navarre, eldest son of Theobald I of Navarre and Margaret of Navarre on 6 April 1255.[2] Isabelle became Queen consort of Navarre.

Isabella of France
Isabella of France (1242-1271).jpg
Queen consort of Navarre
Countess consort of Champagne
Born2 March 1241
Died17 April 1271 (aged 30)
SpouseTheobald II of Navarre
FatherLouis IX of France
MotherMargaret of Provence


Isabella receiving a messenger from her father

At the All Saints Parlement in 1254, Theobald of Navarre requested Isabella's hand in marriage.[3] In an attempt to resolve the inheritance of Navarre, Louis declined Theobald's request until he reconciled with his sister, Blanche of Brittany.[3] Upon the reconciliation, Louis agreed to Isabella marrying Theobald.[3] The Archbishop of Rouen celebrated the marriage between Isabella and Theobald II, King of Navarre and Count of Champagne, on 6 April 1255 in Melun.

Together with her husband and her father, the very pious Isabella travelled with the Eighth Crusade in July 1270.[citation needed] Her father died there in August of the same year. Then, in December, Isabella's husband died of an epidemic while in Sicily. After the deaths of both her father and husband, Isabella returned to France and lived in Provence until her death only two months later in 1271.

Isabella is buried next to her husband in Provins.[4]


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Isabella of France, Queen of Navarre
Born: 2 March 1241 Died: 17 April 1271
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Queen consort of Navarre
Countess consort of Champagne

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