Isaac ibn al-Ahdab

Itzḥak ben Shlomo ibn al-Aḥdab (or ibn al-Ḥadib) ben Tzaddiq ha-Sefardi (Hebrew: יצחק בן שלמה בן צדיק אלאחדב הספרדי‎, c. 1350 – c. 1426) was a Jewish mathematician, astronomer, and poet.[1]

Ibn al-Aḥdab was born in Castile to a prominent Jewish family. He was a student of Judah ben Asher II, the great-grandson of Asher ben Yeḥiel of Cologne, who was killed in the anti-Jewish massacres of 1391. By 1396 Ibn al-Aḥdab had fled Spain and was in Sicily, where he lived (in Syracuse and Palermo) until his death around 1426.[2]


He studied the algebra of Maghrebi mathematician Ibn al-Bannā and published The Epistle of the Number, a translation and detailed commentary on Ibn al-Bannā's 13th century treatise Talḵīṣ ʿAmal al-Ḥisāb ("A summary of the operations of calculation").[3] The work is notable in being the first known Hebrew-language treatise to include extensive algebraic theories and operations.[4][5]

His main astronomical work was Oraḥ selulah, a set of tables in Hebrew for conjunctions and oppositions of the Sun and the Moon.[6]


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