Irit Ben-Abba

Irit Ben-Abba (aka Irit Ben-Abba Vitali or Vitale)[1] is the Israeli Ambassador to China having arrived in Beijing on January 22, 2021.[2]

Irit Ben-Aba (cropped)


1979-1982 – Graduated Cum Laude from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, majoring in East Asian Studies and in English Linguistics 2003-2005 – MBA, Executive MBA Studies at the Hebrew University


Ben-Abba has served as Ambassador to Albania from 2004 until 2006 (concurrent with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece (2014-2019), North Macedonia (2004-2006) and the Philippines (2000-2004).[2]. She was also Deputy Director General of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[3]


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