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Interstate 290 (I-290) is an auxiliary Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Spanning approximately 20 miles (32 km), it is signed as an east-west spur route of I-90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike) in Central Massachusetts. The route begins in Auburn at I-90 as a northward continuation of I-395. It follows L-shaped route, the nominally western half of the route runs north into the city of Worcester, and upon leaving the city, turns to the east to its eastern terminus at I-495 in Marlborough. Past I-495, the road continues as an unnumbered 1-mile connector to the town of Hudson.

Interstate 290 marker

Interstate 290
I-290 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of I‑90
Maintained by MassDOT
Length20.16 mi[1] (32.44 km)
Major junctions
West end I‑90 / I‑395 / Route 12 in Auburn
East end I‑495 / Route 85 Conn. Connector in Marlborough
CountiesWorcester, Middlesex
Highway system
Route 286I‑291


Route descriptionEdit

The I-290 viaduct at Worcester station in 1976

I-290 begins as the continuation of I-395 in Auburn with exits to I-90, Route 12, and the Auburn Mall. 290 continues north through Worcester into Downtown, where Route 146 and I-190 split off. After 146, I-290 has exits for Route 122A, Route 122, downtown, and Route 9. After 190, 290 presumes east to a junction with Route 70, then continues over Quinsigamond Lake into Shrewsbury, where it goes northeast. 290 has a junction with Route 140 and starts east into Boylston and Northborough, where it travels northeast again. 290 enters Marlborough with an exit for Solomon Pond Mall and has its final junction with 495, where it terminates shortly after on the Route 85 Connector.


Orson the bear, the mascot of Polar Beverages, is a prominent landmark visible from I-290 in Worcester.
The I-290 Route 146 junction seen under construction as well as Downtown Worcester from above looking north.

Originally, I-290 was to rejoin I-90 in Westborough, roughly where I-495 sits now. However, this route would have run through the town centers of Shrewsbury and Northborough. Additionally, I-290 was intended to be extended past I-495 to I-95/Route 128 in Waltham, but this was canceled under pressure from towns along the planned route. A brief two-lane connector heads to Route 85 as a result of this aborted plan. The interchange with I-495 was originally supposed to be a cloverleaf, but after the plan was canceled, it was modified with a flyover ramp onto 495-northbound. The former exit 12 (Millbury Street eastbound and 146 south westbound) was closed when the Route 146 freeway was completed between the Mass Pike and I-290 in 2007.

Exit listEdit

Exit numbers on I-290 are a continuation of I-395 exit numbers. All interchanges were to be renumbered to milepost-based numbers under a project scheduled to start in 2016.[2] However, this project has now been indefinitely postponed.[3]

WorcesterAuburn0.0000.000  I‑395 south – Norwich, CTWestern terminus; continuation from I-395
0.3470.5587   I‑90 / Mass Pike / Route 12 – AuburnEastbound exit to Route 12 south;
Westbound exit to Route 12 north;
Exit 10 on I-90 and Massachusetts Turnpike
0.0700.1138  Route 12 south – WebsterWestbound exit only
0.9301.4979Swanson Road – AuburnEastbound exit to Swanson Road;
Westbound entrance from Vine Street
1.7002.736Auburn Street – AuburnWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Worcester3.3585.40410  Route 12 north (Hope Avenue)Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
3.5655.73711College Square / Federal Square / Southbridge Street
12Millbury StreetReplaced with current exit in 2007
4.6117.42112   Route 146 south to I‑90 / Mass Pike east – Millbury, ProvidenceWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
5.2658.47313  Route 122A (Vernon Street) – Kelley SquareRoute 146 is accessible by 122A southbound
5.6389.07314  Route 122 – Barre, UxbridgeNo westbound entrance
5.8109.35015Shrewsbury StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance
6.1379.87716MLK Jr. Boulevard (E. Central St) – Downtown WorcesterUnion Station, Saint Vincent Hospital, DCU Center
6.57210.57717  Route 9 – Ware, FraminghamEastbound exit and westbound entrance
6.98011.23318   Route 70 north to Route 9 – Ware, FraminghamWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
7.37711.87219   I‑190 north to Route 12 – Holden, FitchburgSouthern terminus of I-190;
Eastbound exit is combined with exit 20
7.37711.87220Burncoat Street to   Route 70 north (Lincoln Street)Eastbound exit and westbound entrance;
Eastbound exit is combined with exit 19
8.42113.552  Route 70 (Lincoln Street)Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
9.64115.51621Plantation Street – WorcesterEastbound exit and westbound entrance
Shrewsbury10.17316.37222Main Street – Shrewsbury, Worcester
12.68020.40623A  Route 140 south – Shrewsbury
12.69020.42323B  Route 140 north – Boylston
Northborough14.85523.90724Church Street – Northborough, Boylston
17.91328.82825AHudson Street – Northborough
17.92528.84725BSolomon Pond Road – BerlinSolomon Pond Mall
Exit partially in Marlboro, signed as Solomon Pond Mall Road
MiddlesexMarlborough20.00032.18726A  I‑495 south – Cape CodExit 25A-B (I-495)
20.1632.4426B  I‑495 north – LowellLeft exit eastbound; exit 25A-B (I-495)
20.1632.44  To Route 85 – HudsonEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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