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The Intercontinental Cup was a baseball tournament between the members of the then-International Baseball Federation (IBAF). It was first held in 1973 in Italy, and was held every other year following until 1999.

Intercontinental Cup (baseball)
No. of teams8 (Finals)
Most titles Cuba (11 titles)

After 1999, the tournament was held every few four years -- in 2002, 2006 and 2010. The tournament was dominated by Cuba which won 10 gold and 3 silver in 16 tournaments. The most recent tournament was held in 2010, in Taichung, Taiwan, and appears to have been the last time the tournament was held.[1][2]

The 1973 and 1975 tourneys were organized by the IBAF splinter group FEMBA. The groups reunited in 1976 and continued to present the competition.[3]


Medal tableEdit

1  Cuba113014
2  Japan25512
3  United States2428
4  South Korea1203
5  Australia1012
6  Netherlands0202
7  Puerto Rico0112
8  Nicaragua0033
9  Chinese Taipei0022
10  Dominican Republic0011
Totals (12 nations)17171751

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