Institute for Cognitive Science Studies

The Institute for Cognitive Science Studies (ICSS) (Persian: موسسه آموزش عالی علوم‌ شناختی) is a non-governmental institution in Tehran, Iran, committed to providing a research and educational environment that brings together the various disciplines that contribute to cognitive sciences.

Institute for Cognitive Science Studies
موسسه آموزش عالی علوم‌ شناختی
PresidentAlireza Moradi
Location, ,

In the process of studying cognition, ICSS pursues the following major objectives: Discovery of important, unknown facts about key issues in cognitive science through quality experiments; understanding unresolved issues in cognitive science through provision of new, effective, analytical theories; identifying means of employing achievements in cognitive science to improve the quality of individual and social wellbeing

The prime interest of ICSS is to conduct research studies that enhance our knowledge and understanding of cognitive science. That objective requires the kind of theoretical, experimental, and applied studies, which would be beneficial not only in terms of employing these achievements in various aspects of life, but also in terms of advancing our scientific knowledge. The institute also adheres to the principle that research findings should be shared with other scientific communities through their publication in respectable peer-reviewed journals and books. To these ends, ICSS engages in a host of other activities. They include:

  • Offering graduate studies programs
  • Providing short-term training programs and workshops
  • Organizing and supporting scientific conferences and discussion meetings
  • Participating in international collaborations
  • Publishing (or supporting the publication of) specialized books and journals
  • Providing an effective research environment by means of modernizing and equipping its laboratories, and maintaining a resourceful library

The institute currently offers PhD and Master's degrees in the field of cognitive neuroscience.