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EURECOM is a French graduate school and a research center in communication systems, digital security and data science. It is based in the international science park of Sophia Antipolis within the new Campus SophiaTech, which brings together renowned universities such as TELECOM ParisTech and other European Universities such as the Polytechnic University of Turin, Aalto University (formerly Helsinki University of Technology), Technical University of Munich and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

TypeGraduate school and research centre
FounderTélécom ParisTech et EPFL
DirectorUlrich Finger
Location, ,
43°37′36″N 7°02′47″E / 43.6265702°N 7.0463347°E / 43.6265702; 7.0463347
AffiliationsInstitut Mines-Télécom

EURECOM benefits from a strong interaction with the industry through its specific administrative structure: Economic Interest Group (consortium type of structure), which brings together international companies such as: Orange, ST Microelectronics, BMW Group Research & Technology, Symantec, Monaco Telecom, SAP, IABG. The Principality of Monaco is an institutional member which joined the consortium at the beginning of 2013. Thanks to its strong ties set up with the industry, EURECOM was awarded the "Institut Carnot" label jointly with the Institut Telecom right in 2006. The Carnot Label was designed to develop and professionalize cooperative research. It encourages the implementation of research projects in public research centers that work together with socioeconomic actors, especially companies.


EURECOM awards 4 Master of Science Degrees, co-delivered by Institut Mines-Télécom and accredited by the French State:

  • Master of Science in Data Science and Engineering
  • Master of Science in Digital Security
  • Master of Science in Mobile Computing Systems
  • Master of Science in Internet of Things

In 2012, EURECOM was accredited by the CTI (French Accreditation Agency for Engineering Education) to deliver two Post master's degrees (Diplôme d'ingénieur spécialisé), open to applicants with a completed master's degree, in

  • Communications for Intelligent Transport Systems - Connected Vehicles
  • Security for Computer Systems and Communications

Both degrees were awarded the EURACE[1] label, delivered by ENAEE - European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education.


The research activity of EURECOM is organized around three principal themes:

Two TELECOM ParisTech research labs are associated with EURECOM, System on Chip and ICT Usage.

EURECOM has around seventy PhD students.

Its contractual research is recognized across Europe and contributes largely to its budget.


EURECOM is based in the largest European science park : Sophia Antipolis (" Telecom Valley "). It is a founding member of the new IT Campus, SophiaTech together with INRIA and the University of Nice.


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Coordinates: 43°36′52″N 7°04′14″E / 43.614376°N 7.070450°E / 43.614376; 7.070450