Independent Royalist Party of Estonia

Independent Royalist Party of Estonia (Estonian: Eesti Rojalistlik Partei) was a frivolous political party in Estonia in the 1990s. It is now defunct.[1]

The party, widely considered a humorous expression of protest, was successful in the 1992 Estonian parliamentary elections, with 32,638 votes, gaining 8 seats in the parliament (Riigikogu). Its most prominent members were known humorists Priit Aimla, Kirill Teiter and Ralf Parve, and the party was led by Kalle Kulbok.

The party's official programme called for establishing Estonia as a monarchy, as modeled by Sweden and Norway.

In practice, the party's main achievement was consistent ridicule of laws its members found ridiculous, for example, getting rid of the proposed hour of prayer in the parliament by repeatedly performing a stylized "Neopagan" rite, complete with tambourine. The party also performed an "eating strike", as opposed to the simultaneous hunger strikes by some pro-Russian politicians.

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