Priit Aimla (born 19 April 1941, in Võru) is an Estonian writer, poet, humorist and politician known for several stage plays and books. During 1992 to 1995, he belonged to Riigikogu, having been elected as a member of the Independent Royalist Party of Estonia; later, he switched to Reformierakond.

Priit Aimla (on the left) and Enn Vetemaa in 1988

In October 1980, Aimla was a signatory of the Letter of 40 Intellectuals, a public letter in which forty prominent Estonian intellectuals defended the Estonian language and protested the Russification policies of the Kremlin in Estonia.[1] The signatories also expressed their unease against Republic-level government in harshly dealing with youth protests in Tallinn that were sparked a week earlier due to the banning of a public performance of the punk rock band Propeller.[1]


In 1990, Priit Aimla was awarded the Meie Mats.[2]


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