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Inconceivable is an American medical drama series, which was broadcast on NBC. The program premiered on September 23, 2005. The show revolved around the professional and personal lives of those who work at the Family Options Fertility Clinic. The clinic is run by its co-founders (Ming-Na and Jonathan Cake) along with their new partner (Angie Harmon). The staff includes an attorney (David Norona), a nurse (Joelle Carter), office manager (Mary Catherine Garrison) and a medical technician (Reynaldo Rosales).

The cast
Created byOliver Goldstick
Marco Pennette
Angie Harmon
Jonathan Cake
Mary Catherine Garrison
David Norona
Reynaldo Rosales
Composer(s)Jeff Martin
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes9 (7 unaired)
Executive producer(s)Marco Pennette
Mike Tollin
Brian Robbins
Oliver Goldstick
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)Tollin/Robbins Productions
Touchstone Television
DistributorDisney–ABC Domestic Television
Original networkNBC
Original releaseSeptember 23 (2005-09-23) –
September 30, 2005 (2005-09-30)

The series was created by Oliver Goldstick and Marco Pennette. Goldstick and Pennette also serve as executive producers as do Brian Robbins and Mike Tollin. The show was a Touchstone Television and Tollin/Robbins production. It was one of the few shows produced by the former not to air on ABC in recent years.

Only two episodes aired before the series was canceled.



1.01 – "Pilot"Edit

Original U.S. air date: September 23, 2005

When a Caucasian surrogate mother gives birth to an African American baby, the couple for who she was supposed to carry a child for refuses to take the newborn. Rachel is caught in the middle of the madness as she tries to sort things out, but is afraid that the clinic may be sued, or shut down, by the couple. The clinic's psychologist, Lydia (Alfre Woodard), finds that her job may be in jeopardy because she might not have done the proper background check on the surrogate mother. As the mother refuses to tell the truth about the baby's father and as the time gets closer for Child Services to step in and take the child, Marissa offers to adopt. However, the birth father is finally contacted and takes the baby home.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bowers is helping fulfill a dead soldier's dream of being a mother by using her sister as the surrogate for her frozen embryos. Just before the process is started, however, the widower finds himself questioning the whole thing and backs out. Dr. Bowers also is having to deal with a couple who is having problems conceiving a child and ask Dr. Nora Campbell (who he used to date) for help.

Patrice seeks revenge on Dr. Bowers over their breakup by replacing one of the specimen cups in the laboratory with Bowers' sperm. At the same time, Scott and his partner welcome their baby to the world. Also, Rachel's son asks questions about his father and she reluctantly gives him answers.

1.02 – "Secret And Thighs"Edit

Original U.S. air date: September 30, 2005

After the Lindstrom family's birth didn't go as planned, they brought a lawsuit against the clinic risking all that the clinic has established. As Scott tries to battle the case in the courtroom, Nora overhears the problem and offers to help by giving a large sum of money to the Lindstrom as a settlement. There is one catch, though—Nora wants to become a partner in the clinic.

Lydia has dealings with a couple that, come to find out, the wife is actually taking birth control to prevent having children. Due to her having extensive plastic surgery, she is afraid her genes will give the child some of her bad physical attributes. She wants to have a "perfect" child by having an attractive donor. Her husband, however, knows none of this. Eventually he is informed.

Scott and his partner are running low on breast milk which was provided by their surrogate and are looking for options. Scott's partner, at first, refuses to accept formula and asks Marissa for help. Patrice become increasingly paranoid as she receives anonymous emails from someone who saw her swap specimens in the laboratory. A close couple friend of Rachel's finally decide to not have a family after multiple surrogates bail out on them at the last minute. Rachel then makes a huge decision by offering to carry their baby for them at which they accept.

Dr. Bowers and Nora work with a woman who can have a risky procedure to fertilize her. The problem is that it is illegal. Dr. Bowers agrees to have Nora perform it, but then changes his mind because of the possible legal ramifications. Nora, however, wants to go on with the planned process and is able to change Dr. Bowers' mind.

In a shocking close to the episode, Lydia is confronted by an angry Mr. Lindstrom at the office stating that everyone working there will take no responsibility for their actions. In revenge, Mr. Lindstrom hits Lydia with his car in the parking garage. Her fate is unknown.

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