Inari Station

Inari Station (稲荷駅, Inari-eki) is a railway station on the Nara Line in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan, operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). The station number is JR-D03. It is the closest station to Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine.[citation needed]

Inari Station

Inari Station 2018.jpg
Inari Station in May 2018
LocationFukakusa Inari Ommae-chō, Fushimi, Kyoto
Kyoto Prefecture
Coordinates34°58′0.6″N 135°46′15.06″E / 34.966833°N 135.7708500°E / 34.966833; 135.7708500Coordinates: 34°58′0.6″N 135°46′15.06″E / 34.966833°N 135.7708500°E / 34.966833; 135.7708500
Operated byJR West
Line(s)Nara Line
Other information
WebsiteOfficial website
20169,041 daily
Inari Station is located in Japan
Inari Station
Inari Station
Location within Japan


The station has two side platforms, serving one track each.


1  Nara Line for Kyoto
2  Nara Line for Uji and Nara

Passenger statisticsEdit

According to the Kyoto Prefecture statistical report, the average number of passengers per day is as follows.[citation needed]

Year Number of passengers
1999 4,203
2000 4,266
2001 4,471
2002 4,567
2003 4,759
2004 4,961
2005 5,055
2006 5,233
2007 5,406
2008 5,452
2009 5,375
2010 5,608
2011 5,892
2012 6,492
2013 7,016
2014 7,285
2015 8,683
2016 9,041

Adjacent stationsEdit

« Service »
Nara Line
Tofukuji   Local   JR Fujinomori
Regional Rapid Service: Does not stop at this station
Rapid Service: Does not stop at this station
Miyakoji Rapid Service: Does not stop at this station
Japanese Government Railways
Tokaido Line (abandoned route)
Yamashina - Kyoto
  • This station is an additional stop of Miyakoji Rapid Service from 1 January until 4.

Surrounding areaEdit

Inari Station serves visitors to several nearby sites. Among these are the major Shinto shrine Fushimi Inari-taisha and the Fukakusa campus of Ryukoku University. Although transfer is not available, Fukakusa and Fushimi-Inari Stations on the Keihan Main Line are close by. Students and staff members can access Ritsumeikan Junior & Senior High School and Kyoto Municipal Fushimi Technical High School (the setting of School Wars: HERO) from Inari Station.

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This article incorporates material from 稲荷駅 (Inari Eki) in the Japanese Wikipedia, retrieved 5 January 2008.

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