Inanch Bilge khan

Inanch khan (Chinese: 亦難赤汗; pinyin: Yìnánchì Hàn)[1] or Inanch Bilge[2] Bogü khan (Chinese: 亦難赤必樂格卜古汗; pinyin: Yìnánchì Bìlègé Bogǔ Hàn)[3] or Inat khan[4] was a khan of Naimans. According to Gumilev, his Christian name was John.[5]

Inanch Bilge khan
Khan of Naimans
Reignc. 1143–1198
PredecessorNaershi Tayang (纳儿黑失太阳)
SuccessorTaibuqa (near Lake Zaysan)
Buyruq khan (in Altai)
Died1198 or 1202
SpouseJuerbiesu (古兒別速)
Buyruq khan
Naimans and neighbours during reign of Inanch khan (in middle)


He was from the Güčügüt clan of Naimans which followed the Betegin clan.[6] He conquered Yenisei Kyrgyz with his elder brother Naershi Tayang (納兒黑失太陽) and succeeded him later sometime.[4] After Yelü Dashi's death 1143, he became independent.[5] He supported Kerait ruler Toghril's brother Erke Qara against him in 1174.[7]

After his death Naiman khanate were divided into two factions ruled by his sons.


He was married to Juerbiesu (古兒別速) and several other wives with whom he had at least two sons:

Juerbiesu later married to his step-son Taibuqa in a levirate marriage.[8]


He was reported be a man of honor among Naimans according to The Secret History of the Mongols.[2]


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