An imperial castle or Reichsburg was a castle built by order of the Holy Roman Emperor, whose management was entrusted to Reichsministeriales or Burgmannen. It is not possible to identify a clear distinction between imperial castles and the fortified imperial palaces or Pfalzen, because many imperial castles were used by German kings for temporary stays. Many imperial castles were built in regions such as Swabia, Franconia, the Palatinate and the Alsace, where there were a high density of imperial estates (Reichsgüter) during the Hohenstaufen era.

Courtyard of the imperial castle of Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

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The imperial castle of Berwartstein, Palatinate, Germany
The imperial castle of Münzenberg, Hesse, Germany
Harburg Castle, once a Staufian imperial castle, Harburg, Bavaria, Germany

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