Ifè language

Ifè (or Ifɛ) is a Niger–Congo language spoken by some 180,000 people in Togo and Benin. It is also known as Ana, Ana-Ifé, Anago, Baate and Ede Ife. It has a lexical similarity of 87%–91% with Ede Nago.[1]

Native toTogo, Benin
Native speakers
(210,000 cited 1990–2012)[1]
  • Tschetti
  • Djama
  • Datcha
Language codes
ISO 639-3ife

Written works began to be produced in the language in the 1980s, published by the Comité Provisoire de Langue Ifɛ̀ and SIL. An Ifè–French dictionary (Oŋù-afɔ ŋa nfɛ̀ òŋu òkpi-ŋà ŋa nfãrãsé), edited by Mary Gardner and Elizabeth Graveling, was produced in 2000.[3]


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