Iestyn George

Iestyn George is a Welsh journalist, who previously worked as an editor at both NME and GQ and is now a lecturer at University of Brighton.

Iestyn George
OccupationJournalist, University lecturer
Known forNME, GQ

Journalism careerEdit

During the 1990s, George was a writer for NME magazine,[1] and became news editor.[2] He became the marketing manager for Welsh band the Manic Street Preachers between 1999 and 2003.[3] By 2001, George was also the music editor for GQ magazine,[4] and became deputy editor at Golf Punk magazine.[5]

He became editor of Rio magazine in 2009; it was the brainchild of Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand, who acted as editor-in-chief.[6] He is presently the lecturer at University of Brighton.[7]

Personal lifeEdit

Iestyn George is the son of Welsh broadcaster Beti George.[8] He is the brother-in-law of Loaded co-founder and Golf Punk founder Tim Southwell.[9]


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