Idol 2020 was the sixteenth season of the Swedish Idol series.[1] Like earlier seasons, the season was broadcast on TV4. New for this year is that one person got to audition for this season already during the final of Idol 2019 in Globen, Rebecka Assio made it through to the final audition in Stockholm.[2]

Idol 2020
Season 2020
Hosted byPär Lernström
JudgesKishti Tomita
Alexander Kronlund
Nikki Amini
Anders Bagge
WinnerNadja Holm
Runner-upPaulina Pancenkov
Finals venueThe Idol Studio in Spånga, Stockholm, Sweden
Original networkTV4
Original release17 August (2020-08-17) –
4 December 2020 (2020-12-04)
Season chronology
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On 22 September, contestant Caspar Camitz tested positive for COVID-19 and would miss the first Top 13 performance.[3] On 25 September, just a few hours away from the airing of the first Friday show, Affe Hagström, Nadja Holm and Herman Silow also tested positive for the virus, which led to changes to the week's show. The contestants therefore performed their songs from their suites at their hotel.[4] Affe Hagström, who was going to sing the song "Sun Is Shining (Band of Gold)" by Vargas & Lagola, made the decision to not perform that week.

On 26 September, it was announced that contestant Indra Elg, who just had left the competition one day earlier, also tested positive for COVID-19, just like Caspar Camitz, Affe Hagström, Nadja Holm and Herman Silow.[5]

On 16 October, just a few hours away from airing the fourth Friday show, contestant Affe Hagström made the decision to leave the competition.

On 12 November, it was announced that, just because of COVID-19, the final would not be held in the Globen Arena on 4 December, like it has been since 2007, and would instead be held in the Idol Studio in Spånga. It is the first time since 2006 that the final has been held in the Idol Studio.

Nadja Holm and Paulina Pancenkov made it to the final on 4 December.[6] Nadja Holm was the winner.[7] It was also Nikki Amini's last season as a judge member of the show, which means that she would no longer be a part of the show. She was later replaced by Katia Mosally, who has been a judge member since the season of 2021 and onwards.

Top 22 edit

From Stockholm auditions edit

From Gothenburg auditions edit

From Sundsvall auditions edit

From Helsingborg auditions edit

Elimination chart edit

Stage: Qualification Week Weekly Finals Final
Date: 14/9 15/9 16/9 17/9 WC 18/9 25/9 2/10 9/10 16/10 23/11 30/10 6/11 13/11 20/11 27/11 4/12
Place Contestant Result
1 Nadja Holm 1 Winner
2 Paulina Pancenkov WC Runner-up
3 Caspar Camitz 1 Out.
4 Nova Luther 2 Out.
5 Simon Karlsson 2 Out.
6 Herman Silow WC Out.
7 Ella Hedström WC Out.
8 Niklas Hultberg 2 Out.
9 Mattias Nederman WC Out.
10 Affe Hagström 1
11 Maya Arctaedius 1 Out.
12 Gabriel Abdulahad WC Out.
13 Indra Elg WC Out.
14 Tess Gustafsson 2 Out.
Top 22 Felix Enghult Out.
Kong Phan
Isabella Ohlsson
Linnéa Samuelsson
Rebecka Assio
Edvin Hakimzadeh
Melissa Lund
Tara Naderpour
1st Safe Not Safe / Bottom 2 / Bottom 3 Wild Card Withdrew Judges Save Knocked Out
Top 13 Top 22 Still in running, did not perform Will appear at this stage Stage not reached

Top 12 (originally Top 13) - This is Me edit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Herman Silow "Get Lucky" Safe
2 Indra Elg "Just a Girl" Eliminated
3 Caspar Camitz "Watermelon Sugar" Safe
4 Gabriel Abdulahad "Dance Monkey" Safe
5 Paulina Pancenkov "Side to Side" Safe
6 Niklas Hultberg "Chandelier" Bottom two
7 Ella Hedström "Välkommen in" Safe
8 Mattias Nederman "In Your Eyes" Safe
9 Nova Luther "I Wish" Safe
10 Maya Arctaedius "Sorry Not Sorry" Safe
11 Simon Karlsson "The Cave" Safe
12 Nadja Holm "Freedom" Safe

Affe Hagström did not perform that week.

Top 12 - On Swedish edit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Ella Hedström "Jag blir hellre jagad av vargar" Bottom two
2 Maya Arctaedius "Passa dig" Safe
3 Herman Silow "Ta mig tillbaka" Safe
4 Simon Karlsson "Din tid kommer" Safe
5 Nadja Holm "Det bästa kanske inte hänt än" Safe
6 Gabriel Abdulahad "Lakan" Eliminated
7 Mattias Nederman "Tusen bitar" Safe
8 Nova Luther "Så som i himlen" Safe
9 Caspar Camitz "Strövtåg i hembygden" Safe
10 Niklas Hultberg "Svag" Safe
11 Affe Hagström "Vintersaga" Safe
12 Paulina Pancenkov "Säg mig var du står" Safe

Top 11 - My Idol edit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Nadja Holm "Show Me How You Burlesque" Safe
2 Mattias Nederman "In the Ghetto" Safe
3 Nova Luther "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" Safe
4 Paulina Pancenkov "All by Myself" Safe
5 Niklas Hultberg "Bohemian Rhapsody" Safe
6 Ella Hedström "Aldrig mer vara du" Bottom two
7 Herman Silow "Stayin' Alive" Safe
8 Affe Hagström "Lost" Safe
9 Maya Arctaedius "Effortless" Eliminated
10 Simon Karlsson "If I Ain't Got You" Safe
11 Caspar Camitz "Go Your Own Way" Safe

Top 9 - Winnersongs edit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Paulina Pancenkov "Survivor" Safe
2 Herman Silow "Crazy in Love" Safe
3 Niklas Hultberg "We Are Young" Bottom two
4 Caspar Camitz "Fallin'" Safe
5 Ella Hedström "Bad Guy" Safe
6 Nadja Holm "Finesse" Safe
7 Mattias Nederman "Stay with Me" Eliminated
8 Simon Karlsson "When You Were Young" Safe
9 Nova Luther "Dancing on My Own" Safe

Affe Hagström withdrew from the competition that week.

Top 8 (First Week) - 80s & 90s edit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Simon Karlsson "Iris" Safe
2 Nova Luther "I'm Outta Love" Safe
3 Ella Hedström "Vill ha dej" Judges save
4 Nadja Holm "Thunderstruck" Safe
5 Caspar Camitz "What's Love Got to Do with It" Safe
6 Herman Silow "Song 2" Safe
7 Paulina Pancenkov "Genie in a Bottle" Safe
8 Niklas Hultberg "You're the Voice" Bottom two

Top 8 (Second Week) - Viewers Choice edit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Niklas Hultberg "Heroes" Eliminated
2 Nadja Holm "Listen" Safe
3 Simon Karlsson "Hold Back the River" Safe
4 Herman Silow "This Love" Bottom two
5 Ella Hedström "Rosa himmel" Safe
6 Paulina Pancenkov "Stone Cold" Safe
7 Caspar Camitz "Hallelujah" Safe
8 Nova Luther "Flashlight" Safe

Top 7 - Back to Top edit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Paulina Pancenkov "Bang Bang" Safe
2 Caspar Camitz "Cold Train" (Original Song) Safe
3 Ella Hedström "Eloise" Eliminated
4 Nova Luther "Runnin' (Lose It All)" Safe
5 Herman Silow "Older" (Original Song) Bottom two
6 Nadja Holm "Something's Got a Hold on Me" Safe
7 Simon Karlsson "Crossing the Waters" (Original Song) Safe

Top 6 - Powerwomans & Duets edit

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Nadja Holm "It's Raining Men" Safe
2 Simon Karlsson "Blåmärkshårt (Mi Amor)" Bottom two
3 Nova Luther "River" Safe
4 Casper Camitz "Killing Me Softly with His Song" Safe
5 Paulina Pancenkov "Nobody's Perfect" Safe
6 Herman Sillow "La vie en rose" Eliminated
Order Duet Song
1 Paulina Pancenkov & Herman Silow "If the World Was Ending"
2 Nadja Holm & Simon Karlsson "Rewrite the Stars"
3 Caspar Camitz & Nova Luther "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)"

Top 5 – Love edit

Order Act First song Order Second song Result
1 Nova Luther "Without You" 6 "Mirrors" Safe
2 Simon Karlsson "To Noise Making (Sing)" 7 "Precis som du vill" Eliminated
3 Caspar Camitz "When We Were on Fire" 8 "A Song For You" Safe
4 Paulina Pancenkov "A Song for You" 9 "Kärleksvisan" Safe
5 Nadja Holm "Love On Top" 10 "I (Who Have Nothing)" Safe

Top 4 – Semifinal: Jurys Choice & Free Choice edit

Order Act Jurys Choice song Result Order Free Choice song Result
1 Casper Camitz "River Deep – Mountain High" Safe 5 "Bang Bang" Eliminated
2 Nadja Holm "Never Forget You" Safe 6 "Greedy" Safe
3 Paulina Pancenkov "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" Safe 7 "Addicted to You" Safe
4 Nova Luther "Blow Your Mind (Mwah)" Eliminated N/A (Already Eliminated)

in this semifinal will 2 acts leave the competition.

Top 2 – Final: Free Choice, Da Capo & Winner's Single edit

Order Act Da Capo Song Order Free Choice Song Order Winner's Single Result
1 Paulina Pancenkov "Side to Side" 3 Hurt" 5 "(Better Get) Used To Me" Runner-up
2 Nadja Holm "Freedom" 4 "Never Enough" 6 "(Better Get) Used To Me" Winner

References edit

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