Idmon (Argonaut)

In Greek mythology, Idmon (Ancient Greek: Ἴδμων means "having knowledge of") was an Argonaut seer. Allegedly a son of Apollo, he had Abas (or Ampycus) as his mortal father.[1] His mother was Asteria, daughter of Coronus, or Cyrene, or else Antianeira, daughter of Pheres. By Laothoe he had a son Thestor.[2][3] Idmon foresaw his own death in the Argonaut expedition, but joined anyway. During the outbound voyage of Argo, a boar killed him in the land of the Mariandyni, in Bithynia.[2][4][5]

In 559 BC the citizens of Megara Heraclea (today's Eregli) built a temple over Idmon's grave.

Comparative table of Idmon's family
Relation Names Sources
Pherecydes Apollonius Hyginus Orphic Schol. ad Apollon.
Parentage Apollo and Asteria
Apollo and Cyrene
Abas and Cyrene
Apollo and Antianeira
Spouse Laothoe
Offspring Thestor


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