Ichangu Narayan Temple

Ichangu Narayan Temple (Nepali: इचंगु नारायण मन्दिर) is a 5th-century Hindu temple located in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is one of the four major Narayan (chaar Narayan) temples of Kathmandu valley alongside Changu Narayan, Bisankhu Narayan and Sheshnarayan.[1] It was built by King Haridutta of the Lichhavi dynasty.

Ichangu Narayan Temple
इचंगुनारायण मन्दिर
Ichangu Narayan Temple
Ichangu Narayan Temple is located in Nepal
Ichangu Narayan Temple
Location in Nepal
Geographic coordinates27°43′34″N 85°15′05″E / 27.7262°N 85.2515°E / 27.7262; 85.2515

The temple was rebuilt in the 18th century.[2] The temple has two stories and has a pogoda architecture. The courtyard of the temple houses statues of various Hindu deities such as Garudas and Mahalaxmi.[3] The idols were stolen from the temple several times, but they were recovered.[4]


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