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Icakuriren (meaning the ICA Courier in English) is a weekly Swedish family magazine based in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden. It is one of the most read weeklies in the country.[1]

History and profileEdit

Icakuriren was started in 1942 by ICA private retail company as an alternative family magazine.[2][3] During the initial phase it was distributed free of charge in the ICA shops.[3][4]

It was owned by Forma Publishing Group, a subsidiary of ICA Gruppen, until October 2014 when Forma Publishing Group was acquired by Egmont Group.[5] The magazine is published on a weekly basis.[6][7] The magazine is mostly read by women.[6] Common topics covered include food, travel guides, and buying advice.[2] The magazine has its headquarters in Solna.[6]

In the 1950s the circulation of Icakuriren was 700,000 copies.[3] The magazine had a circulation of 184,900 copies in 2007.[8] Next year the circulation dropped to 170,200.[9] The magazine sold 98,000 copies in 2014[10] and 92,800 copies in 2015.[6]


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