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I Am Stamos is a 2004 American short film starring John Stamos and Robert Peters, directed by Rob Meltzer. The film world premiered on March 3, 2004 at the US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado.

I Am Stamos
Directed byRob Meltzer
Produced byRobert Peters
Alex Eastburg
Written byAlex Eastburg
Rob Meltzer
StarringRobert Peters
John Stamos
Music byKarl Preusser
CinematographyJonathan Sela
Edited byRob Meltzer
Mighty Atom Productions
Distributed byRed Navel Filmworks
Release date
March 3, 2004
(US Comedy Arts Festival)
Running time
18 minutes
CountryUnited States


Andy Shrub (played by Peters) is a struggling actor who seems to be typecast as "the goofy best friend'" but wants to be a leading man. At a birthday party, he wishes that he looked like John Stamos before blowing out the candles on his cake. He then realizes that whenever he is photographed or videotaped, he looks exactly like Stamos. He is then cast in a sitcom as John Stamos.

When John Stamos (playing himself), finds out about this, he angrily goes to the studio and argues with Andy and his producer Norman (played by E.E. Bell). The movie ends with the real John Stamos being killed.


  • Robert Peters as Andry Shrub
  • John Stamos as Himself
  • E.E. Bell as Norman
  • Jordana Capra as The Casting Director
  • Zena Leigh as The Casting Assistant
  • Chris Kennedy as J.P.

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