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IWA World Heavyweight Championship (IWA Japan)

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The IWA World Heavyweight Championship was a title used on the Japanese independent circuit. The title was the world heavyweight championship of the International Wrestling Association of Japan (IWA Japan).[1] It was later revived in the women's wrestling promotion Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling, where it became part of the IWA Triple Crown Championship.

IWA World Heavyweight Championship
PromotionInternational Wrestling Association of Japan (1994–2014)
Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling (2014–2017)
Date establishedJuly 20, 1994
Date retiredAugust 5, 2017
Other name(s)
  • IWA Triple Crown Championship

Title historyEdit

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Dick Slater 1 July 20, 1994 Iwate Prefecture, Japan Defeated Nobutaka Araya.[1]
The title was vacated on August 15, 1995, when Slater left Japan to return to the United States due to his mother's illness.[1]
Tarzan Goto 1 August 15, 1995 Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan Defeated Leatherface.[1]
The title was vacated on October 26, 1996 when Goto left the promotion.[1]
Doug Gilbert 1 January 13, 1998 Tokyo, Japan Won a 15-man Battle Royal Death match, last eliminating Keisuke Yamada.[1]
Ghost Face / Tarzan Goto 2 April 13, 1999 Tokyo, Japan [1]
The title was vacated on June 27, 1999 after Goto wrestled as Ghost Face.[1]
Jim Duggan 1 August 31, 2004 Tokyo, Japan Defeated The Big Boss Man in a six-man tournament final.[1]
The title was later vacated on 2005.[1]
Black Buffalo 1 July 2, 2009 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Keizo Matsuda to win the vacant championship.[1]
Keizo Matsuda 1 December 5, 2009 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Black Buffalo.[1]
The title was vacated in October 29, 2010 when Matsuda left IWA Japan.[1]
Emi Sakura 1 November 16, 2013 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Kyonin Shihan to win the vacant championship. This match was also contested for the AWF World Women's Championship and the IWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship.[1]
Unified with the AWF World Women's Championship and the IWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship to create the IWA Triple Crown Championship.[1]
Antonio Honda 1 December 27, 2013 Tokyo, Japan
Emi Sakura 2 January 25, 2014 Tokyo, Japan
Konaka=Pehlwan 1 August 10, 2014 Tokyo, Japan
Emi Sakura 3 October 4, 2014 Tokyo, Japan IWA Japan becomes inactive after October 13, 2014.
Riho 1 November 2, 2014 Tokyo, Japan
DJ Nira 1 September 21, 2015 Tokyo, Japan
Kaori Yoneyama 1 December 22, 2015 Tokyo, Japan
Riho 2 June 22, 2016 Tokyo, Japan
Makoto 1 November 19, 2016 Tokyo, Japan
The title was vacated on July 1, 2017, when Makoto was sidelined with a neck injury.
Emi Sakura 4 August 5, 2017 Nagoya, Japan Defeated Riho to win the vacant title.
The title was immediately retired by Sakura and returned to IWA Japan. Gatoh Move was planning to create their own singles title, the Super Asia Championship, to take its place.

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