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Intermagnet (International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network) is a consortium of institutes operating ground-based magnetometers recording the Earth's time-varying magnetic field.[1][2][3] 1-minute resolution data time series are available from all Intermagnet observatories; "preliminary" or raw, unprocessed data are reported promptly from each observatory (for some stations, within an hour of acquisition), "quasi-definitive" data have been lightly processed and calibrated; "definitive" data represent each institute's best data product--they are accurate representations of the geomagnetic field and its time dependence; 1-second resolution data are available from many observatories. Intermagnet data are used for a wide variety of applications, including geomagnetic field mapping, monitoring variable space-weather conditions, directional drilling for oil and gas, aeromagnetic surveying, assessment of geomagnetic hazards, and fundamental research pertaining to the Earth's interior and surrounding space environment. Standard products utilizing Intermagnet data include: magnetic indices (e.g. K, Dst) and the International Geomagnetic Reference Field. Intermagnet operational standards and other technical information are summarized in a technical manual.[4] 62 different institutes are members of the Intermagnet consortium, and (since 1991) data have been contributed to Intermagnet from approximately 150 observatories. Intermagnet is a member of the World Data System of the International Council for Science, and it is associated with the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy.[5]


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