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The IEEE Sensors Council is one of seven technical councils of the IEEE and is focused on sensors, transducers and integrated sensor-actuators.[1][2]

IEEE Sensors Council
FoundedFebruary 1999
TypeProfessional Organization
FocusDevelopment and Application of Sensors
OriginsOne of the 7 councils of IEEE
Area served
MethodPublications and Conferences
Key people
Fabrice Labeau (Current President),John Vig (Founding President), Mike McShane (Immediate Past-President) H. Troy Nagle (Past-Past-President), Andrei Shkel (President-Elect)

26 of 38 IEEE Societies are member societies of this council. Each society is represented in the Administrative Committee (AdCom) of the council through its appointed representative. This is mainly due to the highly-multidisciplinary of its aim, which is so broad based and depth in scope. The combined membership of the 26 member societies is over 260,000.


"To advance and coordinate work in the field of Sensors carried out throughout the IEEE and as such is exclusively scientific, literary and educational in character", per the constitution of the Council.

Fields of InterestEdit

The Council's Fields of Interest include "the theory, design, fabrication, manufacturing and application of devices for sensing and transducing physical, chemical, and biological phenomena, with emphasis on the electronics, physics and reliability aspects of sensors and integrated sensor-actuators."[3]


The IEEE Sensors Council publishes the IEEE Sensors Journal, a widely read, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the subjects of its Field of Interest. In 2017, IEEE Sensors Letters will launch as a forum for short, rapid-response and high-impact papers in the field.[4]

The Impact Factor of IEEE Sensors Journal is 1.899 as per the Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports© (JCR) 2015, released in June 2016. The Journal published 1,064 papers on 9,115 pages in 2016. There were in excess of 500K downloads in 2016 and 430K downloads in 2016. 49 special issues have been published since 2001. Currently 3 special issues, namely, Sensors for Process Imaging, Distributed Smart Sensing for Mobile Vision, Power Efficient Sensors for Long-Term Applications and Printable Sensors and Smart Sensors for Smart Grids and Smart Cities are in preparation.


The IEEE Sensors Council annually sponsors international conferences and events that focus on the advancement of its Field of Interest.

IEEE SENSORS conference is the Council's flagship conference. The first IEEE conference on sensors was organized in Orlando (FL) USA during June 11–14, 2002. Since then it has been happening each year.[5]

In addition to this, IEEE Sensors Council has also been involved as technical sponsor of several other conferences in the field of sensors, actuators, and sensor networks. [1].



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