IDE, iDE, or Ide may refer to:


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Greek mythologyEdit

  • Ida (mother of Minos), daughter of Corybas, the wife of Lycastus king of Crete, and the mother of the "second" king Minos of Crete
  • Ida (nurse of Zeus), who along with her sister Adrasteia, nursed Zeus on Crete


Given nameEdit

  • Íde, a feminine name of Gaelic origin


  • Charlie Ide (born 1988), English footballer
  • Haruya Ide (井出 遥也, born 1994), Japanese footballer
  • Henry Clay Ide (1844–1921), American commissioner to Samoa and the Philippines
  • Junpei Ide (井出 隼平, born 1991), Japanese shogi player
  • Juri Ide (井出 樹里, born 1983), Japanese triathlete
  • Kaname Ide (井出 かなめ, born 1947), Japanese speed skater
  • Toshirō Ide (井手俊郎, 1910–1988), Japanese screenwriter
  • William B. Ide (1796–1852), author of the California Republic's proclamation of independence from Mexico
  • Yuji Ide (born 1975), Japanese racing driver
  • Yasunori Ide, Japanese anime creator

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