Toshirō Ide (井手 俊郎, Ide Toshirō, 11 April 1910 – 3 July 1988) was a Japanese screenwriter for both film and television.

Toshirō Ide
Born(1910-04-11)11 April 1910
Died3 July 1988(1988-07-03) (aged 78)



Born in the village of Kitahata in Saga Prefecture, Ide graduated from the Tokyo Higher School of Arts (now the Faculty of Engineering of Chiba University).[1] He initially worked as a magazine illustrator and advertising designer, but through an introduction from the producer Sanezumi Fujimoto, he joined the Toho Studios, first working as a theater manager.[1][2] After serving during World War II, he rejoined Toho and debuted as a screenwriter in 1949 with Aoi sanmyaku, which was a major hit.[1] He turned freelance in 1951,[3] and penned scripts for directors such as Mikio Naruse, Yuzo Kawashima, and Kihachi Okamoto. He was known for his adaptations of literary works.[3] He also wrote scripts for television.[3]

Selected filmography



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