IC 167 is a barred spiral galaxy in the constellation of Aries. It was first reported by Bigourdan in 1891[1] and included in Dreyer's first Index Catalogue.[2]

IC 167
NGC 691 (upper left) and IC 167 (lower right)
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension01h 51m 08.65s
Declination+21° 54′ 44.8″
Redshift0.00982 ± 0.00017
Apparent magnitude (V)14.0
Apparent size (V)3.09′ × 1.862′
Other designations
Arp 31, LEDA 6833, MCG+04-05-021, Z 0148.3+2140, APG 31, 2MASX1 J0151084+215447, UGC 1313, Z 482-25, LCSB L76, 2MASX J01510855+2154461, UZC J015108.6+215445

Galaxy group informationEdit

IC 167 is a member of the NGC 697 group.[3] There is some evidence that IC 167 is interacting with nearby NGC 694 as they seem to share HI regions.[3] The tidal warping of IC 167 also is indicative of an interaction with another galaxy.[3] How long the interaction between these two galaxies has been occurring is the subject of current research.[4]


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Coordinates:   01h 51m 08.65s, +21° 54′ 44.8″