Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic Database

The Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic Database (LEDA) was a database of galaxies, created in 1983 at the Lyon Observatory. Each galaxy had a number assigned to it, which is now known as its PGC number.[2] The Principal Galaxies Catalogue (PGC), published in 1989, was based on the Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic Database and contained cross-identifications for it.[3][2] LEDA was eventually merged with Hypercat to become HyperLEDA in 2000, itself also known as PGC2003.[4] LEDA originally contained information on more than 60 parameters for about 100,000 galaxies, and now contains information on over 3 million celestial objects, of which about 1.5 million are galaxies. The database allows astronomers around the world access to its information.

LEDA 36252 can be found in the HyperLEDA database.[1]


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