Hyperolius (commonly known as the African reed frogs or reed frogs) is a large genus of frogs in the family Hyperoliidae from Sub-Saharan Africa.[1][2]

Hyperolius argus Al-ReedFrogs 02.jpg
Hyperolius argus
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Hyperoliidae
Genus: Hyperolius
Rapp [fr; de], 1842
Type species
Hyla horstocki
Schlegel, 1837

145 species (but see text)

  • Eucnemis Tschudi, 1838 – homonym of Eucnemis Ahrens, 1812 (Insecta)
  • Hyperolius Rapp, 1842 – replacement name
  • Epipole Gistel, 1848
  • Crumenifera Cope, 1862
  • Rappia Günther, 1865
  • Nesionixalus Perret, 1976
  • Chlorolius Perret, 1988
  • Alexteroon Perret, 1988


Different sources may delimit species differently, and as new species are still being described, different number of species can be found. As of early 2022, Amphibian Species of the World lists 145 species[1] and AmphibiaWeb 152 species.[3] The following list follows the Amphibian Species of the World:[1]

Nomina inquirendaEdit

The following species are considered nomina inquirenda (species of doubtful identity):[1]


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